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Rofea Inocian

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Q: Who are the famous filipino ballerina dancers?
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A name of a famous ballet dancers today?

Polina Semionova - she is a beautiful Russian dancer and prima ballerina.

What are the release dates for Angelina Ballerina - 2001 All Dancers on Deck?

Angelina Ballerina - 2001 All Dancers on Deck was released on: USA: 1 January 2007

Famous dancers in 1960's?

Bob Fosse, Barishnekov, Giselle, are three that come to mind. Yes, her name was simply Giselle, she was a ballerina who over dosed.

Who is a famous Australian ballerina?

Olivia Bell is a ballerina with The Australain Ballet! :)

Is a ballerina a celebrity?

Technically, yes, a ballerina is a celebrity as he or she is famous in the dance world, take Darcy Busell for example, She's famous!

What is a male ballerina called?

Because you said "Ballerina" that means the top ballet dancer in a company. There can only be one Ballerina in a company. The male counterpart would be called a Danseur Nobel. Other male dancers would be called Danseurs, or by their rank such as Principal, Soloist or Corps de ballet or just ballet dancer. The same goes for the other women in the company. They would be just called ballet dancers or by their rank. Never a Ballerina.

What artist only painted ballerina's?

Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec created artworks in Paris that featured dancers.

How much do dancers weigh?

All dancers don't weigh the same, but they are usually very light (male dancers usually have to pick up the ballerinas, so the ballerinas are always very lightweight). The desired weight of a ballerina is 95-105 lbs. (:

Names of famous female Broadway dancers from 60s and 70s?

Famous balle women dancers in 70s and 80s

Who is the most famous ballerina in Britain?

darcy bussel

Which famous female ballerina has a dessert named after her?


Which Native American is a famous ballerina?

Maria Tallchief