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State Farm is one competitor..

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Q: Who are the competitors for allstate insurance company?
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What does CSAA Inter-Insurance and allstate have in common?

Both Allstate Insurance Co. and CSAA sell insurance policies. They are not related to each other; they are competitors.

Is Allstate Insurance Company a Public company?

Allstate insurance company is a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is the insurance company that starts with an a?


What is an insurance company that starts with an a?


011 is the code of insurance company what is the name of insurance company?

The company is Allstate with insurance code 011

What insurance company has the code 478?




When was Allstate Insurance founded?

Allstate Insurance was founded in the year 1931. The Allstate Insurance Company was named after the Sears' tire brand and was headed by the first chairman Lessing J.Rosenwald.

Is Allstate Enterprises Mortgage corporation part of Allstate Life Insurance Company?


Where is the headquarters for Allstate Insurance located?

Allstate Insurance is a very popular insurance company among individuals living in the United States. The headquarters of Allstate Insurance are located in Illinois, specifically in the city of Northbrook.

How can someone get quotes from Allstate insurance company?

To get a quote from Allstate insurance, one must call the company first. To call the company simply look for the phone number and you will get your quote

What are some All State competitors?

Allstate Insurance has a lot of competition today. Some top competitors (who also market a lot, like Allstate does) are Geico, State Farm, American Family, and Safe Auto.