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Q: Who are the Sarah bishop characters?
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Where can i find an eassy on the book Sarah Bishop?

where can i find an essay on the book Sarah Bishop?

Is there a movie for Sarah bishop?

No but there should be

How does Sarah Bishop end?

she left

How does Sarah bishop get the musket?

She finds it

Where does Sarah Bishop live?

she lives on long island

What happens in the end of Sarah bishop?

Sarah is accused of being a witch.... And then she goes to into trial and then she is found innosent....

What are the main characters in the book Sarah's Ground?

Sarah Tracy is the main character.

What is the Summary of Sarah Bishop by Scott O'Dell?

Sarah Bishop isn't a Tory. She isn't a Patriot. Sarah Bishop is a fifteen-year-old girl. The Revolutionary War has come to her village and the Patriots have made her an orphan with a home. Now the British army is after her for a crime she didn't commit. Running for her life, Sarah finds a cave in the woods. Alone, she makes her home there. The wild animals, the terrible hardships are not as bad as what she has left behind. Sarah Bishop vows never trust anyone again. The war will end. Peace will come. But will peace ever find Sarah Bishop? That doesn't really help because that's what it says on the back of the book. Don't use that.

Who are the characters in Skeleton Creek?

Sarah and Ryan

Where do the characters in just listen live?

all of Sarah Dessens characters are based out of Lakeview

Did the Stamp Act have any impact on Sarah Bishop?

how did they die how did they die how did they die

Where is the krulius Sarah Jane monster hunt?

Sarah Jane website, click on characters and then Clyde