Who are the Prada Gals?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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They are brave, they are protectors of balance, but most of all they are ,stupid.

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Q: Who are the Prada Gals?
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What is Gals's population?

Gals's population is 0,494.

Who founded the prada brand?

Mario Prada first created the label in 1913 with his brother. They got the buisness to start moving, but in the end it was Mario's granddaughter Miuccia Prada who made it popular and successful.

What is difference between prada and loly prada?

Loly Prada is the name of a swimsuit maker. It has nothing to do with the well known couture designer PRADA.

What is the duration of Gallopin' Gals?

The duration of Gallopin' Gals is 420.0 seconds.

How can authenticity of Prada be verified?

this is the Prada Label

What is more expensive prada or burberry?


Do prada bags say prada milano on the front of the bag?

From what I know of, they just say "Prada".

What is the birth name of Francesca Prada?

Francesca Prada's birth name is Prada, Francesca Raquel Esther.

Would you choose Prada borse or CK?

I think I will choose the Prada borse.Because I like Prada style.

When was Bounce Ko Gals created?

Bounce Ko Gals was created in 1997.

When was Gallopin' Gals created?

Gallopin' Gals was created on 1940-10-26.

When did SNK Gals' Fighters happen?

SNK Gals' Fighters happened in 2000.