Who are the DLC in WWE 13?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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damein sandow aj lee and i think even tensai and ryback and tyson kidd and chavo

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Q: Who are the DLC in WWE 13?
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Will WWE 13 have dlc for wii?

Most likely not.

How do you get DLC packs for WWE 13?

for wii go to the shop channel

Will ryback be on the wii for WWE 13?

not at all ,because he is a dlc and he will come as a dlc in december for x box 360 and ps3

What is Ryback's dlc code for WWE 13 PS3?

ryback code is feedmemore

Will Tyson Kidd be a DLC in WWE' 13?

No, he isn't. They just came out with DLC pack 3. That's the last DLC pack and there is no Tyson Kidd in any of the packs.

Why aren't Layla and Natalya in WWE 13?

Layla and Natalya are in the game just as DLC


Wwe 2k15 paige dlc release date

Will michelle mccool be iin wwe 13?

maybe. she is probably on the DLC divas roster with AJ and Layla

Does WWE 13 have Randy Orton in it?

he probably will be because he is the face of smackdown so he will most likely be in wwe 13

How do you download dlc contents for wwe 13 on dolphin emulator?

Downloading DIC contents for WWE 13 on Dolphin Emulator or to a different medium is illegal. WWE is a paid game. Downloading it without license is a prosecutable offense.

How do you make trish stratus in WWE 12?

DLC from the DLC store

How do you get WWE 12 fan axxess dlc free on xbox 360?

how to get fan axxess dlc free for wwe 12