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Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb and now they have a baby sister i dont know the name.

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Q: Who are step brothers in short stack?
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How did the band short stack meet?

They all met in high school in budgewoi and two of the members are step brothers

If a short stack of paper represented a region of Earth's surface which fold or cut in the stack would show a monocline?

A step-like fold across the stack

When did Short Stack end?

Short Stack ended in 2012.

Is short stack pancakes?

A stack is 3 pancakes, a short stack is 2.

Is stack a short vowel word?

Yes, "stack" is a short vowel word because the "a" in "stack" is pronounced as a short vowel sound.

Does bradie webb off short stack have any brothers?

He and Andy share a 2 year old brother call christerpher

Who writes the lyrics for short stack?

Short Stack write their own lyrics.

What have Tool got to do with Short Stack?

cuz short stack are tools :D

Where can you get music sheets for short stack songs?

There is a website,, which is really good it has the chords to plenty songs for free and it is not illegal. I think that they currently only have three of Short stack's songs, Thick as thieves, one Step Closer and Shimmy A Go Go.

Was the short stack lead singer in any other bands?

no, only short stack

When did short stack started sing?

Short Stack first became a band in about 2005.

What is the duration of The Story of Short Stack?

The duration of The Story of Short Stack is 1.12 hours.