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Q: Who are some celebrities with dirty blonde hair?
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What is edward norton's real hair color?

dirty blonde if u look at some older or newwer pics u can tell when its scruffy the beard is a dirty blonde!

Why some get green hair in pool and some dont?

mostly people with blonde hair or lightly dyed hair ( blonde highlights, dirty dish water blondes, ECT.) turns green because of the lightness the chlorine can have a worse chemical affect on the hair.

Does black streaks look good for dirty blonde hair?

I know that black does look good with blonde as I am a blonde myself and I put black streaks/chunks in my hair myself and I absolutely loved it. How dark of a shade of blonde is your hair? If the dirty blonde that you are is on the darker side then it might be better to go for a brown streak instead of black, but I have very light (natural) blonde hair. So as I said, black and blonde do look good together...if you want to know this for yourself and you are unsure, then get some black clip-in hair extensions and wear them around to see how you like it =) Don't do it girl! It looks bad!

I am going to get my hair dyed purple and pink -it is blonde at the moment- im planning on leaving some blonde too does anyone have any pictures or ideas of how i could get it done?

Maybe put in purple and pink highlightz, im blonde too, but im a dirty blonde

What is Bert McCracken's natural hair color?

Bert McCracken's natural hair colour is a ginger-brown colour When he dyed his hair platinum blonde, it made his natural hair color look darker, but his natural hair color is dirty blond, light brown. In some photos it looks ginger.

Did Demi Lovato dye her hair blonde?

Her hair is not fully blonde, but Demi Lovato did add some blonde highlights to her hair in June 2010.

How do you color your blonde hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

How many hair colors are there?

There are too many hair styles in the world. Old hairs styles and New hair styles. Some hair styles are pony tale, afro, layered hair...

Chammomile tea to bleach dirty blond hair?

I really don't think so , if it really did then i think most people would opt for that over bleach as bleach fries your hair, i have never heard it bleach hair , some chammomile extract is in some blonde shampoos to help keep the blonde color for longer , but to use buy its self ....i really wouldnt bother trying

Do guys find girls with dirty blonde hair multi coloured eyes and freckles just on the nose and cheeks pretty or ugly?

Well, it has to depend on the person, some men do -- some men don't.

Is Justin Bieber's hair blonde?

His hair is a Light brown. It looks like it is blonde in some pictures, but it is not.

Why do you have blonde hair?

Because that's the way God made some people like ME! ( I have Blonde hair ) :)