Who are popular emo girls?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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What do you mean . . . ?

like msn's ?

well heres a chick i know shes maaad

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Q: Who are popular emo girls?
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What are emo boys into in a girl?

They just want that girl to be emo to and not like most popular girls.

Do emo girls like Latinos?

Emo girls usually just guys who are Emo's too, but they can like anyone!

Are emo girls more cute than normal girls?

No, being emo will not make a girl automatically cuter. There are emo girls who are cuter than non-emo girls and the other way round too, being emo really has nothing to do with cuteness at all.

Do emo girls like non-emo guys or is it possible for a non-emo guy to get a emo girl to like him?

they must have converted to being emo soon for it to happen. If the girl is sterotype emo then Most likly no. they do alot of dating withen the group. If they do find you attractive the relashinip will not last actually, as an emo, I can say that not all emo girls go for emo guys. emo girls can date non-emo guys if she wants to. the only thing that matters is whats on the inside.

Can emo girls get SHORT emo boy haircuts like the short midneck and layred and with the bang swipe?

Absolutely, emo girls can have any hair they wish.

Are there more emo boys or girls?

boys. but emo girls that aren't Mexican are hotter then the guys. (in my opinion!) ;o

Do all emo boys or girls worship emo gods?

No, they do not. Emo boys and girls all worship the gods that everyday people do. They are no different. is there even an emo god? dud. i am sorry, but what type of question is that.^_^

What is example of clique?

an example of a clique would be a group of guys or girls or both that constantly hang out with one another. examples: popular girls, jocks, cheerleaders, drama kids, emo boys and girls.

Why are emo girls shy?

Not all emo girls are shy but most are shy because of what people think of emos. Most people think ALL emo people are freaks, so most emo girls are shy because they dont want even more people messin' with them.

Why do emo girls have puffy hair?

Emo girls have puffy hair because they tease their hair to make it puffy since that's how emos hair should be and it's the emo hairstyle.

What are the types of Emo hairstyles for girls?

You don't need to have a certain hairstyle to be Emo :P

Do emo girls like Metallica?

dosent matter if shes emo or not. and its up to her personally.