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Q: Who are cast of CSI exile episode?
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What was the name of the episode of CSI Tha Justin Bieber was on?


What CSI had Kellan Lutz played in?

Kellan Lutz played in an episode of Both CSI and CSI New York

In what episode of CSI did gil grissom leave?

I believe Grissom's final episode on CSI was Season 9, episode 10 - One to Go.

Which season does Eric Delko die on CSI Vegas?

there is no Eric Delko in CSI Las Vegas. Eric Delko is part of the cast of CSI Miami, and he does not die. In one episode, he was suffered a major gunshot wound to the skull, but did not die.

What episode of CSI did ray get stabbed?

Season 10 episode 10

What are the ratings and certificates for CSI Crime Scene Investigation - 2000 Exile 13-14?

CSI Crime Scene Investigation - 2000 Exile 13-14 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-14

What was the bartender's name in csi cyber season 2 episode 1?

What is the bartender's name in CSI cyber season 2 episode 1

Can I meet the cast of csi Miami?

Can u meet the cast of csi Miami

What is the name of the episode in CSI Miami when Justin Bieber is in it?

Justin Bieber appeared in Season 11, episode 223 of the television show CSI Miami. The name of the episode was called "Pool Shark".

What is the name of the last episode of csi?

The most recent episode of CSI was titled "Lying Down with Dogs". It is from season 8. It originally aired December 13th, 2007 and was episode number 175 in the series.

Will there be a new episode of CSI Miami on monday February 2 2009?

The latest episode of CSI Miami will be aired on CBS on Monday February 1, 2010 in the United States. The Episode is titled: In The Wild.

Does Taylor Swift die in the episode of csi?

Yes, her character dies at the end of the episode.