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He called Henry a fool because he continued to shoot when there was nothing to shoot at.

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Q: While on the battlefield what did one of Henrys comrades say that surprised him?
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Was world war 1 won solely on the battlefield?

World War I was not in fact won solely on the battlefield. While the land-battles and conflicts at sea were important, the primary key to ultimate victory was moral and logistical; that is, the demoralization of the German military combined with the increasing logistical might of the Alliance-nations was what finally brought victory to the Alliance.

What were George Custer's political views?

While George Custer was conservative in his political views, he was an opportunist. He was willing to compromise if it would better his political aspirations. Those aspirations were never realized because of his death on the battlefield.

Did Clara Barton do military service?

Clara Barton was a Union nurse during the Civil War. She was so helpful to soldiers of any color or side that she was often called "The Angel of the Battlefield." While I supose that may not be considered "mililtary service" she certainly did a lot of service for the military.

After the battle of First Bullrun in 1861 could the South have marched on Washington?

While historians will continue to argue that question, the South did not leave the battlefield unscathed. Three Brigade commanders from the Army of the Shenandoah were unable to continue the fight: Edmund Kirby Smith was wounded, Francis S. Barton and Barnard Elliot Bee, Jr., were killed. Also, in the fog of war that followed the Union rout a political error may have been made when Jefferson Davis promoted the wrong man on the battlefield. P.G.T. Beauregard was advanced to the rank of Lieutenant General while Stonewall Jackson was ignored. Perhaps it made no real difference at the time, but a different commander just might have pushed the fight into the streets of the Union Capital.

What battle began when the Union cavalry surprised the Confederate infantry raiding the town for shoes?

While not entirely accurate, this approximates the way the battle of Gettysburg began. Gettysburg was selected as a location for the fight by Robert E Lee because of the excellent road network there. Lee's soldiers had raided many of the nearby towns and hoped to force Gettysburg to give them a warehouse full of shoes and boots. They were surprised by the presence of a Union cavalry company when they had only expected a few untrained militia. They did not know that nearly 100,000 Union soldiers were within one day of arriving at the scene.

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While on battlefieldwhat did one Henry's comrades say that surprised him?

One of Henry's comrades told him that he might run away during the fighting, shocking him with the suggestion of cowardice. This conversation caused Henry to reflect on his own fears and courage in battle.

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