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By the time you are thirteen you should wear either boxer briefs or boxer shorts. I love to get naked in front of people just to show them my balls.

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Q: Which type of underwear do 13years boys should were?
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Are tighty whities for boys or girls?

Tighty whities are typically considered a style of underwear for boys and men. However, anyone can wear tighty whities regardless of gender if they find them comfortable. Gender does not determine what type of underwear someone can wear.

What type of underwear do girls think boys look sexy in?

Something that fits snugly, is not baggy and is not too revealing.

What type of boots should I wear with leggings?

nothing wear your underwear

What type of underwear should a 18 year old girl wear?


What type of man underwear should you get?

Get the pair that fit you good and feel good in.

When not to wear a thong?

The only time it would be wrong is if anyone knew what type of underwear you have on. Underwear should be your 'secret' and because of that, there is no wrong time.

When did jock-type men's underwear appear?

Perhaps the biggest sensation to hit the men's underwear scene was the 1934 arrival of jock-type underwear shorts.

What type of underwear do boys find sexy?

Anything. Personal preference and all but I doubt he won't like whatever you have. Go for something that will leave the impression you were not planning for him to see you like that.

What does it mean when a boy stares at your underwear?

Type your answer herdo u show ur underwear

What type of underwear is best?


How does men underwear work?

Men's underwear is designed to provide support and comfort to the groin area while also offering coverage and protection. Different styles like briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs cater to individual preferences and needs for fit and function. Materials like cotton, spandex, or microfiber are commonly used to wick away moisture and prevent chafing.

What type of underwear is the stretchiest?

thongs and speedos