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Masonic Signers of the Declaration of Independance.(those with * as not confirmed Mason but are rumored to be)


Roger Sherman*


Thomas McKean*


George Walton


John Hancock

Robert Treat Paine

Elbridge Gerry*

New Jersey:

Richard Stockton

John Witherspoon*

New Hampshire:

William Whipple

North Carolina:

Joseph Hewes

William Hooper

John Penn*


Benjamin Franklin

Robert Morris*

Benjamin Rush*

James Smith*

Rhode Island:

William Ellery


Thomas Jefferson*

Richard Henry Lee*

Thomas Nelson, Jr.*

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Not one. None. We were not represented. Nope. No Jewish signers of the Declaration, but a number, including President John Adams, did not worship a trinity and did not believe in the divinity of Jesus. These were the three Unitarians who signed.

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No. The Jewish population in the Thirteen Colonies (2,500) was too minimal to have influenced the signers of the American Declaration of Independence. The true influence behind the American Declaration of Independence was the philosophy of john Locke and the general concepts of the Enlightenment.

This is not to say that the Declaration of Independence is contrary to Jewish values, merely that no Jews had influence in its creation. Jews do oppose singular tyranny and have done so throughout history, usually because those tyrants violently targeted the Jewish population.

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None. To be fair, none were asked.

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Q: Which signers of the declaration of independence were Jewish?
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