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Hematocrit will be present generally in everybody body,but adult female as

higher hematocrit. Range of 42% to 52%.

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Q: Which sex has a higher hematocrit generally?
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What is Hemoconcetration?

Depletion of the fluid component of blood, making the hematocrit percentage higher.

How does an individuals hematocrit correlate to the erythrocyte count?

The hematocrit is also called the erythrocyte volume fraction, which is the percentage by volume of red blood cells in the blood. Erythrocyte is another name for the red blood cell in humans, so the higher the count, the larger the hematocrit.

What is the difference between men and women having hematocrit?

Definition: Hematocrit is the percentage of blood that consists of red blood cells.HematocritReflects oxygen carrying capacity. It is the percentage of blood that is RBCsMen - 43% to 49%Women - 37% to 43%Men have a higher hematocrit because they have a greater muscle mass

What machine test hematocrit?

hematocrit machine ......

Which is a better indicator for anemia hemoglobin or hematocrit?


Is there a connection between hematocrit and peripheral edema?

usually peripheral edema is cause by right sided heart failure . people with COPD have polycythemia , means high level of RBCs , means high level of hemoglobin . when hemoglobin is high , hematocrit is high also . People who have a high hematocrit count may be at higher risk for heart problems

How does a bacterial infection effect a hematocrit?

It doesn't effect the hematocrit at all

Is hematocrit test used for clotting?

Not precisely. It is a means for testing vascular leakage. It is a measure of packed cell volume in the blood. Upon hemorrhage or edema, fluid leaks from the blood vessels (capillaries) and hence creates a scenario of higher cellular content in the blood which is read out using a centrifugal blood packing assay. The higher the hematocrit, the higher the fluid loss into surrounding tissues. The classical clotting time assay is usually a fibrin/fibrinogen activation and/or measure.

Is there any different between blood circulation in male and blood circulation in female?

No. Males tend to have a higher blood volume and hematocrit though.

How does hematocrit compare with the normal value?

Normal values vary with age and sex. Adult male range is 42-52%, adult female 36-48%.

How does dehydration effect hematocrit?

Hematocrit is the concentration of cells in the blood, measured by the relationship between the cells in the blood (red and white) and the liquid part of the blood called plasma. Normally the less amount of liquid in the body the fewer amounts there will be in the blood itself, therefore the cell/plasma ratio will decrease making the blood more concentrated. That's why the bigger the dehydration, the higher the hematocrit.

What is the name of the anticoagulant used in hematocrit test?

Anticoagulants are used for conditions in which the blood may clot too easily. Warfarin (Coumadin) is monitored with PT and INR labs. Hematocrit relates to the red blood cell count, and is not generally focused on when monitoring anitcoagulant function.