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Steve Carlton with 90 balks.

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Q: Which pitcher has the most career balks?
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Which pitcher had most career hits?

Greg Maddox

When is a caught fly baseball not an out?

When the pitcher balks. Or, when caught illegally such as with an illegal glove, or in your equipment (hat, mask,shirt, etc.).

If a batter is up and the pitcher balks if there is no runners on base does the batter get anything at all?

Yes, by rule the batter would receive a ball.

If someone hits a triple and then the pitcher balks is that an earned run?

the run is unearned unless the runner would have later scored anyway

Pitcher holds the record for most saves in a career?

Trevor Hoffman

Which Minnesota Twins pitcher had the most career strikeouts?

Camilo Pascuel

Which Brewer pitcher has the most career strikeouts?

Ben Sheets with 1206.

Balk at first base?

If a runner is on first, and the pitcher balks, he is awarded 2nd base. The balk rule was instituted to keep pitchers from deceiving the runners.

What pitcher holds the record for most World Series games lost?

Whitey Ford has the most career World Series losses by a pitcher with 8.

What pitcher holds career record for most strikouts?

That would be Nolan Ryan.

What pitcher has the most career strikeouts for the Houston Astros?

Nolan Ryan with 1866.

Which pitcher has the most career wins as a ny met?

Tom Seaver with 198.