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That would be the skin.

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Q: Which organ system comes in contact with the external environment?
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What does your immune system form when it comes in contact with an allergen?

antibodies are formed when the immune system comes in contact with the allergen.

Where does the energy and matter come from in an environment?

THe energy ultimately comes from the sun, from sun to plants through photosynthesis where it is then eaten by other organisms. Also, energy trapped inside the earth ultimately came from the sun Matter comes in a cycle, so it only ever changes when an environment comes into contact with another environment or system.

Distinguish between external and internal stimuli Give an example of each?

internal is in and external is out

What nervous system allows us to respond to the external environment?

i believe it is the "Somatic" Nervous System. Since the Somatic is Voluntary and all. The Somatic is the part of the Nervous System that is responsible for consciousness movement and action. However, some systems in the Somatic are still involuntary, like reflexes. The Somatic Nervous System is part of the Peripheral Nervous System.

How can you distinguish between external and internal stimuli?

In biological terms, an internal and external stimuli are distinguishable by the source. For instance, hunger triggers the need to eat. This is an internal stimuli, as the body is stating it needs food. An external stimuli would be feeling the pinch of the needle when donating blood, or feeling the effects of the sun in the form of sunburn.

Is it true the nerve from the brain receives information about the environment and sends it to the brain?

Information about the environment comes from the senses to the brain via the nervous system.

Which structure in the digestive system comes to direct contact with the circulatory system for transfer of nutrients into the blood?

The small intestine is the answer your looking for.

Why is external criticism so important when it comes to analyzing?

There is no external criticism.

is the honda navigation system a good quality?

The GPS system that comes in a Honda car is a great system and great quality as well. The quality of the built in system is equivalent to the external Garmin or Tom-Tom brand GPS.

What happens when the alkalinity is too low in a swimming pool?

The water becomes aggressive and attacks anything with which it comes in contact. Not a good environment for the pool finish or the equipment.

What are the effects of water pollution on man and his environment?

Water pollution can lead to health issues in humans such as gastrointestinal problems, skin diseases, and reproductive issues. It can also harm aquatic life, disrupt ecosystems, and contaminate drinking water sources, posing a threat to both human health and the environment. Efforts to reduce water pollution are crucial to protect both man and his surroundings.

What organ system helps you sense things in the world around you?

The nervous system is responsible for sensing things in the world around you. It includes your brain, spinal cord, and nerves, which work together to process information from your surroundings and send signals to your body to respond accordingly.