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Q: Which ones are more important than others What technologies could you not live without?
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Are the human organ are important than others could you survive without some of the organe?

Some organs are more important and necessary than others. You can't live without a heart or a liver but you can survive just fine with only one kidney.

Why is a cell so important?

A cell is important because you could not live without them.

Why is it important to plan your work so that you are accountable to others?

It is important to plan your work and be accountable to others because otherwise you could make mistakes and make others not very happy if the work is incorrect

Contribution of technology to man development?

Without technology, humans would not have evolved into what we've become. To primitive man, fire was the technology that was most important. As humans developed and learned to use tools and farm, a larger population was able to be supported. As time moved on, technologies improved,and an even larger population could be sustained. Improving on technologies as humans have evolved is the key to survival of the species.

Can people be forces to work for others without compensation?

yes people could be forced to work for others

How important is wand to Harry Potter?

Very as he could not conjure spells without it

Why are reflexes important for the body?

Because without them your body could not react to things

Why is Jupiter important to earth?

Without Jupiter, life could never exist!

Why was gravity important in 1450-1750?

For the same reasons it is important today. Life could no exist without it.

Why is Common Sense important?

it lets you interpret others and your surroundings without having to have someone tell you a lie about the world A: common sense is important, because otherwise the person without common sense would be in a completely different reality that the average joe that HAS common sense. If the guy without it thought that he could fly off of a building, while common sense (common knowledge and belief in society) says that hey can't, then the guy without common sense is in a world of hurt when he jumps off the building.... It's important to have it for your own safety in society to get along with others, as well as allowing you to function at a "normal" level with everyone else that is in that society. You could easily be taken advantage of or even die without it (in an extreme case of course).

Is rainfall important to Louisiana?

Yes. Rainfall is important just about everywhere. Without rain, life on land could not exist.

What is the important of cocoa?

...its the main ingredient of chocolate, the most important thing in the world.