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they are negitivly charged

electrons are outside the nucleus

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Electrons are subatomic particles with a negative charge that orbit around the nucleus of an atom in specific energy levels. They play a crucial role in chemical reactions by participating in bonding between atoms. Electrons also exhibit wave-particle duality, meaning they can behave as both particles and waves.

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Q: Which of the following is true of our current knowledge of electrons?
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What is a true of our current knowledge of electrons?

electrons from a cloud around the nucleus

What is true of our current knowledge of electrons?

electrons from a cloud around the nucleus

True or False. The imbalance of electrons in an atom creates a movement of electrons called the electric current?

True. An electric current is the flow of electric charge (electrons) in a conductor due to an imbalance of electrons.

Is true if there is voltage in circuit there must be electrons flowing through the circuit.?

No. For electrons to flow, you need a current.

Is it true scientific models are based on current knowledge which can limit their effectiveness when new discoveries are made?


When electric current is following in a curcuit if the voltage applied to the curcuit is increased the resistance will decrease true or false?


Which of the following is true regarding current scientific thought?

RNA originated before DNA

Is the following true or false An alpha particle has a double charge because it is a helium atom that has lost two electrons?

True. An alpha particle is a helium nucleus consisting of two protons and two neutrons, with a double positive charge due to the presence of two protons.

Is it true that current is a the rate of flow of electrons?

Yes, current is the flow of electric charge, typically carried by electrons in a conductor. It is measured in amperes and represents the rate at which electrons pass through a given point in a circuit.

Is it true that a battery produces alternating current?

No. A battery produces DC, or Direct Current.

Which of the following IS NOT true regarding the core values knowledge and skills of CPS practice?

first tell us what 'the following' are.

Which is true electric current running along a wire can be used to produce magnetic force or moving electrons through a magnetic field can produce an electric current?

Both statements are true due to the fundamental relationship between electricity and magnetism known as electromagnetism. When an electric current flows through a wire, it generates a magnetic field around the wire, producing magnetic force. Similarly, when electrons move through a magnetic field, they experience a force that induces an electric current to flow in the conductor.