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Thing is that actually their aren't any cures for viral infections. Sure we can slow/ stop viral reproduction with medication, but it doesn't kill the pathogen, as for example antibiotics do with bacteria.

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Q: Which of the following is the best treatment for a virus?
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What is the treatment for a virus?

The best treatment for a virus is rest and symptom management. Antibiotics will not affect viruses. Vaccines against several viruses have been developed which bolster the immune system, and there are antiviral treatments for severe cases such as HIV.

What is the best treatment if you develop a fever extreme fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes throughout your body which is caused by a virus?

bed rest

What treatment for hsp virus in child?

Are you sure it's HSP virus? I'm not aware of an HSP virus. Double check.

How long is an upper respiratory infection contagious for?

An upper respiratory infection is contagious for as long as the active virus is in your system. Taking an antibiotic will help rid the body of the live virus. You will remain contagious for 24 hours following the first treatment of the antibiotic.

Which of the following is the best predictor of how much damage a virus causes?

Ability of the infected cell to undergo normal cell division.

Which of the following best describes the treatment of African slaves?

Europeans had little regard for the slaves' lives and treated them terribly

Cannot be killed because not considered living usually no treatment and must run its course virus or bacteria?


What is a treatment for AIDS?

There is no treatment for AIDS/HIV. Although there are drugs that can help slow down the virus and damage to the immune system.

I have a Hepatitis B Virus can I go to USA for an Immigrant?

I was diagnosed as HEPATITIS B carrier in 2013 with fibrosis of the liver already present. I started on antiviral medications which reduced the viral load initially. After a couple of years the virus became resistant. I started on HEPATITIS B Herbal treatment from ULTIMATE LIFE CLINIC (ww w.ultimatelifeclinic.c om) in March, 2020. Their treatment totally reversed the virus. I did another blood test after the 6 months long treatment and tested negative to the virus. Amazing treatment! This treatment is a breakthrough for all HBV carriers.

What medicines are used to cure aids?

It is important to know that there is no cure for AIDS (or the HIV virus). But the is treatment for the virus that can help prolong the life of a carrier

What is the best program to remove a virus?

Optimo AV is the best antivirus software tool to remove the virus.

What is the best treatment available for congestive heart failure?

A promising treatment for Congestive Heart Failure is EECP (Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation).