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Variation must exist

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Q: Which of the following is necessary for evolution to occur?
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What is the necessary conditions for evolution to occur?

Variation must exist.

Are necessary for evaporation to occur?

For evaporation to occur you need the following: Heat (energy), and water.

What is the theory of evolution that complex chemicals are necessary for life that could evolve naturally from simpler molecules known as?

Is it the elemental evolution, a chemical evolution, a nuclear evolution or a molecular evolution? Please choose one of the following.

What is necessary for speciation to occur?

Isolation Is necessary for speciation to occur.

Does Evolution occur slowly?


Why are adaptations evidence of evolution?

Because adaptations are an observed effect of evolution. They could not happen if evolution did not occur.

How are organisms related to evolution?

Organisms are required for evolution to occur. Evolution is defined as something that happens when organisms reproduce.

Does evolution occur in individuals or in population?

Evolution occurs in population not in an individual.

Did evolution occur in the permian period?

Yes. Evolution ocurred in all geologic periods.

Why is the rate at which mutations occur rather slow?

Evolution is incredibly slow because: - Changes can only occur in each successive generation - Helpful mutations occur only rarely - Situations where different adaptations are necessary are rare

What are some draw backs of selective breeding?

You do not allow evolution to occur, for you are evolution in selective breeding.

How is variation related to evolution?

The more variation there is in a group of specimens, the more evolution can occur between them.