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Q: Which of the following is NOT a cause of mechanical weathering?
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How many main causes cause mechanical weathering?

4 main causes cause mechanical weathering!

Do acids cause mechanical weathering?

No, acids cause chemical weathering.

Does ice cause weathering?

Yes, mechanical weathering.

Do plant roots cause mechanical weathering?

Plant roots cause Biological weathering which is indeed Mechanical in its nature. Animals burrowing is also a cause of Biological weathering.

Do tornadoes cause mechanical or chemical weathering?


Is tree roots a direct cause of of mechanical weathering?

Tree roots can cause mechanical weathering. Roots will start to grow into cracks in rocks and eventually this will cause the rock to break apart. This is known as mechanical weathering.

What types of weathering that does not cause chemical changes?

mechanical weathering

What does acid cause?

mechanical weathering

Which of the following is not a source of mechanical weathering?


Which is a cause of mechanical weathering?

physical forces

Is abrasion a cause of mechanical weathering?


What cannot cause mechanical weathering?