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Q: Which of the fllowing not a question you should ask yourself when evaluating the reliability and trustworthiness of health information?
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Which one of the fllowing is tru about relationships?


Who controlled Eastern Europe fllowing World War 2?

joesph Stalin

Which of the fllowing is not a required element of preparing a proposal estimate?

obtaining approval of estimate plan from BL Operations Leader

Which of the fllowing boys did not ask Bella to the spring dance?

I think his name was Tyler but I do kno it was the black boy who did not ask her to the spring dance

What is the name of the british adventure and star survial show man vs wild which has by us cable televsion network discovery channle fllowing a contact dispute g?

Bear Grylls

What are the most likely particles present in Na Cl solutions and in sucrose solutions?

In water? If so - salt solution - the fllowing hydrated ions - H+, OH-, Na+, Cl- plus molecular H2O. Sugar solution - hydrated sugar molecules, molecular H2O and H+ and OH- hydrated ions

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Indianapolis is a city, the capital city of Indiana, the 19th state admitted into the United States.Illinois is the 21st state, Iowa the 29th, and Idaho the 43rd.Indianapolis is not a state. It is the capital of the state of Indiana

What is the sum of 19 plus 14 plus 99 calculated in two different ways in Roman numerals giving clear reasons how and why?

xix+xiv+xcix=cxxxii19+14+99=132Improved Answer:-Todays rules governing the Roman numeral system were introduced during the Middle Ages and they differed in many respects to how the Romans actually notated and calculated these numerals themselves.But notwithstanding todays configuration of Roman numerals inasmuch that there is evidence to suggest that the ancient Romanswould have probably calculated the equivalent of 19, 14 and 99 in either of the fllowing formats:-IXX+IXV = XXXIII => (20-1)+(15-1) = 33XXXIII+IC = CXXXII => 33+(100-1) = 132Alternatively:-XVIIII+XIIII = XXXIII => 19+14 = 33XXXIII+LXXXXVIIII = CXXXII => 33+99 = 132Note that: 5*I = V, 2*V = X, 5*X = L and 2*L = 100Roman numerals: C = 100, L =50, X = 10, V = 5 and I = 1QED

What is a file that is the last 3 characters that follow the file name that identify the type of program used to create the file?

The file extension. It comes after the file nice, after the last dot in the name. For example someTextDocumet.txt has the extension TXT for plain text. The program that created it is most likely the default one for opening it.