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Holly Marie Combs did.

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Q: Which of the Charmed sisters had a cameo appearance in Ocean's Eleven?
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Who was the director of Oceans Eleven?

The director of Oceans Eleven was Steven Soderbergh.

Actress in oceans twelve but not oceans eleven?

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Was Matthew mcconaughy in oceans eleven?


Which Charmed actress starred as herself in Oceans 11?

It was Holly Marie Combs.

What star who wasnt in 2001s Oceans Eleven appeared in Oceans Twelve?

catherine zeta Jones

Who starred in the departed oceans eleven and stuck on you?

Matt Damon

What kind of cigar does reuben smoke in oceans eleven?


What shoes did Julia Roberts wear in Oceans Eleven?

A Red Dress (I have no idea where that came from!)

What is the rating on Oceans Eleven?

It's rated PG-13 for language and sexual content.

How many casinos did George Clooney and his crew set out to rob in oceans eleven?

In Ocean's Eleven, the crew set out to rob three casinos simultaneously.

Which film is a remake Splash Bird on a Wire Sister Act Ocean's Eleven?

oceans eleven is a remake of the 60s rat pack movie of the same name.

What 2001 film features a team of slick wise-cracking 'heist men' that rob three las Vegas casinos?

Oceans 11 Oceans Eleven