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The flame temperature of a Bunsen Burner can be as high as 1500 C. This is not easily obtained and in usual practice the upper regions of the flame hit around 900-950 C, while the tip of the inner blue cone should come in at around 1100 C. Depending on the operating temperature the following list can be sorted as to whether or not it will melt in an average or extreme Bunsen Burner flame.

Melting Points of Commonn Metals in C are:

  • Aluminum1 659
  • Brass1 927
  • Bronze 913
  • CastIron 1204
  • Copper 1083
  • Gold 1063
  • Lead 163
  • Magnesium 651
  • Nickel 1452
  • Silver 951
  • Steel 1371
  • Tungsten 3399
  • Wrought Iron 148
  • Zinc 419
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Iron and copper

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Q: Which metals can you melt in a Bunsen flame?
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