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Those that allow dynamic data structure

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Q: Which languages necessarily need heap allocation in the runtime environment?
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Who is responsible for memory allocation while dynamic allocation of memory is done?

Dynamic memory allocation is the responsibility of the application. In traditional programming languages such as C, the application must call the malloc()/free() API (or use the new and delete operators in C++) to allocate and return memory dynamically.More modern languages provide more transparent means of automatic memory allocation. Those are less error prone but can be less memory efficient, leaving the decisions about explicit allocation and return with the runtime system, rather than relying on explicit calls from the application.

What does the abbreviation Rte stand for?

Runtime Environment

Where can one download a java runtime environment?

The java runtime environment can be downloaded from several websites. Among them are Oracle, Java, CNET, Softsonic, Eclipse, AfterDawn, Soft32, and OldApps.

What is unmanaged heap?

The unmanaged heap is a region of memory allocated at runtime for applications in languages like C or C++. Developers are responsible for memory management, including allocation and deallocation, in the unmanaged heap. This can lead to issues like memory leaks or dangling pointers if not handled carefully.

What is J2Se runtime?

The J2SE Runtime Environment is a platform that enables quick development and execution of Java applications. It was developed by Sun Microsystems.

What is net framework?

.net is framework is a runtime environment for running .net projects..

I lost Minecraft desktop shortcut and I have no idea what all the extensions for the Java Runtime Environment are. What is the Minecraft desktop shortcut target?

You would want to navigate to %appdata%/.minecraft/bin and run minecraft.jar with the Java Runtime Environment.

Where you can download java runtime environment 1.2.0?

Go to you can download any version of JRE there

How do you install java runtime environment on nokia n73?

why i can' install JRE on nokia n73

Who invoke main function in java?

The Java Runtime Environment invokes main methods.

How do you insert a generated number into an existing variable's name?

Renaming runtime variables is only possible in languages that support dynamic variables. Statically typed languages like Java do not support dynamic variables. However, there's nothing to stop you using a map to associate strings with values at runtime.

Will Java runtime environment affect your PC?

Probably not, unless you run a virus written in Java.