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Silk is the most popular followed by wool and nylon.

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Q: Which is the material used to make scarves?
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Can a beach scarf be used as a towel?

Beach scarves make good towels, but check the material first to make sure it can handle the water.

What makes Burberry scarves high quality?

Burberry scarves are such high quality because of the material they are made from. The material is very expensive and rare, therefore it is more expensive than traditional scarves.

Why is felt used?

felt is mainly used because it's soft, it's the perfect fabric to make teddys or hats and scarves

What material are most men scarves made out of?

men are men they take winter like a man

Do sheer curtains and scarves need to be dry-cleaned or can they be machine washed?

Most sheer curtains and scarves can be washed they are made out of a poly blend or nylon material that will hold up well on the delicate cycle in your washing machine, just make sure to wash them seperatly from your other clothes.

Do you crochet or knit to make scarves?

A person could crochet or knit scarves. Personally, I crochet scarves. Each scarf takes me about five hours to complete depending on the length and how complicated the pattern is.

What was the Buffalo's skin used for?

There are a number of things that fur is used to make. This is mainly used in the fashion industry to make scarves, coats and other fashion accessories.

What is velour material?

Velour material is material used to make tracksuits etc.

What material is used to make a bow for a violin?

The material is Horse Hair :)

What material is used to make art?

what materials were used to make aboriginal objects

What is the Scarf?

Scarf is used as fashion accessory and wear around neck. They come in different sizes. Scarves are also made from different fabrics. Silk scarves are popular in summer while cashmere and wool scarves are popular for winter.

What is cash mink?

Cashmink is a very soft fabric which is used to make scarves. It is similar (feels like) cashmere but is made 100 percent acrylic.