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Both the brain and the heart are important to the function of the human body. If the brain is dead but the heart is still beating, the person is alive. However, if the heart stops, it means the person is dead. Therefore, the heart is more important.

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Q: Which is more important to the function of the human body the brain or the heart?
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How does the human brain relate to the heart?

The human brain relates to the heart in many ways. They all work together to help the body to function properly. Without either one of these, the body wouldn't work efficiently.

What organ in the fish is closely related in the function of a human ear?

lateral lines, they pike up vibrations

How is human heart imtortant?

YES, of course it's important! The human body couldn't function right without a heart. That's how important it is. Without our heart, there would be no blood circulating althroughout our body.

What vital function does oxygen serve in the human body?

The vital function that oxygen serves in the human body is respiration. Oxygen is needed for the lungs to function and for the proper functioning of other vital organs such as the heart and brain.

Which is the main organ in the human body?

I would say the brain is. But the heart and lungs are also important

Why is the nucleous important to a cell?

That's simple! The nucleus to a cell is like the brain and heart to a human/animal

Where in the human body is the blood concentration highest?

I think that its in the brain. Our brain cannot function, and so those our whole body(except for the heart?), if it did not get blood that supplies oxygen.

What is the most important human organ?

The brain is the most important organ in the body as there is no device/implant that can replicate the tasks it performs. There is no way as of yet to even successfully transplant a brain The heart and lungs are also vital, if they don't work you die in minutes. Many other organs are also vital, for instance the liver and kidneys. We are complex organisms and all our body parts work together to keep us functioning.

What is the main function of the left side of human heart?

The main function of the left side of the human heart is to get oxygen to the cells.

Why is important to your life?

It provides air to the lungs, which sends it throught the bloodstream to make the human body function, from toes to the brain

What is the parts and function of the cow heart?

The function of a cow's heart is the same as a human heart - to circulate blood throughout the body. The cow's heart is very similar to a human heart in structure.

What are the function of the brain?

Human brain have three parts which is cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. Cerebrum is know as the largest part of the brain and it controls our most of our body. Cerebellum is know as the small brain and which helps for learning, memorising and brain stem function is to look after blood pressure, breathing and heart pumping and all.