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sperm production

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Q: Which is a sign of reproductive maturity?
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What is a sign of reproductive maturity?

A sign of reproductive maturity is the start of menstruation in females.

When do platypuses reach maturity?

'Maturity' is considered to be reproductive age. Platypuses reach reproductive age at around two years old. This is the case for both males and females.

Why is seeking advice considered a sign of maturity?

seeking advice is a sign of maturity because you are actually think about what is good for you are showing maturity

When does the male reproductive system reach maturity?

Maturity occurs around 11-12 years of age. But the brain doesn't reach full maturity until 25.

What is starting of the reproductive age called?

Puberty or maturity is the term for the onset or reproductive life. A related term, menarche, means the first menstrual period.

What is the Age of reproductive maturity in equine?

2 and a half years old in both males and females

What age does the loggerhead start to mate?

Age at sexual or reproductive maturity 10 to 30 years.

Does urethra initiate puberty and reproductive maturity?

In females, puberty is driven by oestrogen. This is mainly produced by the ovaries.

What cause the onset of reproductive maturity?

novanet- the release of sex horomones

What are the differences between mature proglottid and immature proglottid?

A proglottid is mature when it has detached from the tape worm in order to continue the tapeworm's reproductive cycle. At maturity it is a sac of eggs with degenerated reproductive organs, Maturity in this case doesn't relate to reproductive capability, (as it would in mammals), it relates to the completed end product: fertile eggs. i think the the difference between mature and immature proglottid is that mature progllotid has mature reproductive structure while immature has till not mature reproductive organ

How do reproductive organs of the human female and male generate eggs and sperm?

through maturity of premordia germ cell

How many years of growth does ginko biloba need to reach reproductive maturity?

Stop being lazy and do your homework.