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Q: Which is a all-round better welder Lincoln 305g or miller 302?
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What metal in Lincoln welder on inside?

Bub Marley

How can you find out the year model of a Lincoln sa 200 welder?

what year is my welder code 9527 serial 294586c

Is the Lincoln sp-170t a good welder?

We used Lincoln SP135 in our classroom and the students couldn't kill them.

Where can someone get technical information about a Miller TIG welder?

People may choose to use Youtube as a guide about a Miller TIG welder. Here video tutorials can come in very handy and give step by step instructions on how to use such a piece of machinery.

You have miller welder powered by Tecumseh engine there is a system that advances the throttle when an arc is struck is this part of the engine or is it an attachment from the welder?

its part of the engine but works in conjunction with the PC board.

How much does a Lincoln sa200 welder weigh?

i have one and only a guess of about 1200 lbs.

What year is a Lincoln arc welder sa200 f-163 serial-a461474?

It should be a 1947

What are the wires on a Lincoln ac 225 welder there are 2 black and 1 green?

Check the nameplate on the welder, if the voltage that runs the welder is 240 volts then the two black wires connect to a 240 volt supply and the green wire connects to the ground of the supply.

What is the best welder for body repair?

MIG Small machine like Lincoln SP 135 is nice.

What is the value of Lincoln welder ac 250 c?

That would depend on the model , age and condition or hours .

What year is a Lincoln arc welder model SA 200 F 163 serial?


Where can one learn more about the Lincoln mig welder?

If someone were interested in learning more about the Lincoln mig welders product lines from Lincoln Electric they could simply go to the corporate website.