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Salt water

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Q: Which has more pressure fresh water or salt water?
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What is the differencein pressure between salt water and fresh water at different depths?

Currents and thermal gradients aside, salt water is slightly more dense than fresh water, so (at the same depth, for the same temperature) the pressure in salt water will be creater than for fresh water. The difference in pressure will be (pressure in fresh water) x (density of salt water/density of fresh).

Why do ships sink more in fresh water than in salt water in respect to?

Salt water is more dense than fresh water. So when you're in salt water you float more than when you are in fresh water

Which holds more heat salt water or fresh water?

Salt water holds more heat than fresh water

What has more oxygen salt water or fresh water?

Freshwater has more oxygen than salt water but oxygen is more solublein fresh water.

Is there more salt water or fresh water in the world?


Is there more fresh water or salt water in the world?


Which is more dense fresh or salt water?

salt water

Why is ocean water more dense than regular fresh water?

Ocean water has salt and other minerals, but fresh water has no salt. Fresh water also has minerals in it, but ocean water has more.

What type of water rusts metals faster salt water or fresh water?

it is salt water because there is more oxagan in salt water then fresh water

Is lake Huron salt water or fresh water?

No lakes in the world have saltwater and fresh water because if salt water entered a fresh water lake, the fresh water would turn into salt waterRead more: What_lake_has_both_salt_water_and_freshwater

Do you float in salt water or fresh water which on is more dense?


Do coins corroide more in salt water or in fresh water?

Salt water will