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Ginger Grant.

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Bob Denver played Gilligan.

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Q: Which fictional character is the movie star on Gilligan Island?
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Does Gilligan ever get off the Island in Gilligan's Island?

Yes, he does. (This CONTAINS SPOILERS!) In the movie, they all connect the huts, and then a strong wind blows them all into the ocean (ON THE HUTS!) Mrs. Howel shrieks something about her pet Fifi, and Gilligan, being the sweet man he was, goes out to save her. Mr. Howel suddenly reminds her that Fifi was back home, and of course, Mrs. Howel not being exactly bright, says, 'Oh yes, of course." They think Gilligan is killed\drowned, but the scene cuts out a little, and you see Gilligan hanging on to a rope that is being dragged by the huts. Later, after they get home, they all decide they want to go on a cruise again, and of course, a storm starts, (It's Gilligan's fault they lose controll of the ship) and they are all stranded on the same island again. Good luck with the rest of your Gilligan fact finding tour! :)

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What was the name of the gilligan's island movie?

"Rescue from Gilligan's Island" (1978). "The Castaways on Gilligan's Island" (1979). "The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island" (1981).

Which fintional character is the movie star on gilligan' sinland?


What is the name of the gilligans island movie?

rescue from gilligans island

Who is a funny female character in a movie or tv show starting with G that i can dress up as to a party?

Ginger from Gilligan's Island Gigi, from the movie of the same name

Was Rose from the Movie Titanic a real or fictional person?

The character, Rose, in the movie Titanic, is a fictional character.

Which one of the 'Gilligan's Island' characters was a movie star?


Who played Thurston Howell IV in the third made for TV movie about Gilligan's Island?

"The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island" (1981). He was played by Jim Backus.

Other than Gilligan who was on Gilligan's Island?

The other people on Gilligan's Island are; Mary Ann the sweet one, Ginger the movie star, Thurston Howel 3 the rich one, his wife Lovey, and the Proffer.

What was the name of the sultry movie star on Gilligan's island?

Answer: Ginger Grant.

What are the release dates for Weirdness Really Bad Movie - 2010 Rescue from Gilligan's Island 4-2?

Weirdness Really Bad Movie - 2010 Rescue from Gilligan's Island 4-2 was released on: USA: January 2013

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