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the courtship of wyatt's father is when piper finds out

the legend of sleepy halliwell is when phoebe finds out

i dream of phoebe is when paige finds out

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Q: Which episode of charmed do the sisters discovery Chris true identity?
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What is the charmed episode where the sisters go into the future?

Morality Bites

What was the first on charmed episode on series 4?

Charmed Again (Prue's funeral, the sisters meet Paige) :D

Who falls pregnant in charmed?

Piper and Phoebe but in the last episode it shows that all the sisters have had kids.

In what episode of charmed does the symbol on the cover of The Book Of Shadows split because the sisters have split?

Power outage

Who are the real charmed witchs?

Charmed is a television show. There are no real Charmed Ones. But the sisters were based on the creator herself and her two sisters.

Who are the real charmed one's?

In the show Charmed the Charmed Ones are Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and later Paige.

Are the charmed ones really sisters?

In real life the Charmed Ones, Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, and Roes McGowan are not sisters. In the show, Pipper and Phobe are sisters and Paige is there half sister.

Who was the first demon the sisters vanquished in charmed?


What is the sisters last name in charmed?

The main characters, or the sisters last name of this show is Halliwell.

What is the name and artist of the song that is playing on the tv show Charmed in the episode where the sisters are burying their oldest sister Prue?

Songs called "Bell, Book and Candle" Dunno who sings it though

Did page have a family on charmed?

yes she did she had two sisters and she was married

Who dies in Charmed?

The first main character to die in Charmed was Andy (Prue's boyfriend). But out of the sisters Prue was the first to die