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the ptuitry gland located in the brain which regulates all hormones depending on the organ and amount of hormones present.

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Q: Which endocrine gland helps regulate the release of gonadotropin?
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Which endocrine gland helps regulate the release of gonadotropin and controls body pigmentation?

The pituitary gland helps regulate the release gonadotropins. It also regulates melanocyte-stimulating hormones that produce the melanin for body pigmentation.

What gland helps regulate the release of gonadotropin and controls the body pigmentation?

The pineal gland

How many endocrine glands Regulate the function of another endocrine gland?

7.... i think

What endocrine gland is in charge?

The pituitary gland is the "master gland" that helps regulate all the other glands.

Which organ is not an endocrine gland but has a role in endocrine function?

The hypothalamus is considered part of the nervous system but in reality it also produces hormones that both regulate and are released from the pituitary gland, a true endocrine gland.

What endocrine gland is known as the master gland?

The pituitary is the endocrine gland that is often called the Master Gland.

Which endocrine gland helps regulate growth?

the thyroid glandpancreas

What organ system is the thyroid gland in?

The thyroid gland is under the command of of your pituitary gland, which is part of your endocrine system

Endocrine gland releases a hormone to regulate calcium levels in the bloodstream?


What gland secretes hormones to regulate the body's metabolism?

All endocrine glands.

Which body system includes the pituitary thyroid and adrenal glands?

Part of the endocrine system, these endocrine glands help to regulate homeostasis.

Which type of gland produces hormones?

Gonadotropic hormones, or gonadotropin, are one of three glycoprotein hormones released by either the anterior pituitary gland or the placenta.