Which country has no cinema theatres?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: Which country has no cinema theatres?
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In which country there is no cinema theatres?

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Which country does not have cinema theater?

Saudi Arabia doesn't have any cinema theatres and I'm guessing that the Sahara desert doesn't either. i am sure that there is lots of places without them. hope i helped, Joanna

What is the site Cinema online used for?

Cinema Online is a Malaysian entertainment website. It's content includes movie listings and show times for theatres throughout the country of Malaysia. There are also movie trailers and other movie reviews presented.

When is Hannah Montana movie out at the cinema?

Hannah Montana The Movie is going to be in theatres on April tenth.

Is diary of a wimpy kid dog days stillin cinema?

No, it was taken out of theatres due to the pornography scene.

Cinema halls list in andhra pradesh?

andhra pradesh cinema theatres are around '2700' no's (date February 2007)...all over andhra

What country does the word cinema come from?

Greecethe word cinema came from Greece

Will lady and the tramp ever be in theatres again?

It depends... Some companies release films in the cinema again for an anniversery. An example of this is A Nightmare On Elm Street which was shown in the cinema for two days to corespond to the film's 25th anniversery.

The country there are no cinema theater?


Which is country there are no cinema theater?


Which country does not have any cinema theater?


Whats a name of an English cinema in France?

There is no "English" cinema. There are cinemas where you can see movies from any country.