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Q: Which corrections does the AutoCorrect feature make?
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What feature of Excel works behind the scenes correcting common mistakes?

Autocorrect can do it and you can also set up Data Validation for cells.

Button that allows you to direct word on how to handle corrections?

Select review of format button. It is either or depending on what word release is used. Select autocorrect and word will allow specific corrections entered.

What Word feature automatically corrects certain words as you type them?

AutoCorrect feature

What is the word provides feature that automatically corrects grammar and spelling errors?

Yes, it does. Its AutoCorrect

Does the autocorrect automatically correct spelling and capitalization and grammar errors?

AutoCorrect will make the spelling and capitalisation corrections that you have configured it to make. If you don't tell it what you want it to correct, it won't correct anything. But in any event, it can't correct your grammar, nor any misspellings that you haven't told it about.

What is a word feature that fixes errors as you type them in the document?


What is the feature that suggests the spelling for frequently spelled words?


Which automatic feature makes typographical adjustments as you type?


What feature automatically corrects certain words as you type them?

The feature sis called 'auto-correct'. As you type, the program checks your text against the built-in dictionary. If you misspell a word - it changes it to the closest match from the list.

What automated feature corrects typos as you type?

It's called AutoCorrect

Can The AutoCorrect feature cannot be turned off in Microsoft Word?


what automatic feature causes red and green lines to appear under words as you type?

AutoCorrect feature.