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Ur earlobe

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Q: Which body parts does copper help?
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What can help impulses reach all parts the body properly?

The machine that can help impulses reach all parts of the body is a pacemaker.

Which element is used to make body parts of MRT train?

Aluminium is used to make body parts of MRT train

What body parts help you to smell?


What body parts of dog that can help in its place?

there tale

What are the body parts the giraffe have to help it to move?


What body parts help a cheetah run?

the feet

How should you treat people who cannot use all of their body parts?

Help them. Take care of them. Teach them to use their muscles and joints.Just to help them use their body parts.

What body parts help a peregrine falcon?

what is a interesting body part of a puffin

Does the human body use copper?

The body has to maintain a small percentage of copper. It is needed especially in the liver and muscles, as well as other parts of the body. A deficiency can lead to a drop in metabolism, high triglycerides, higher sensitivity to ultra-violet light, or depression. In contrast, an overdose of copper can be fatally toxic and copper consumption has been used to commit suicide.

How does bones help body move?

Bones help support the body. If you didn't have them you would collapse. The 4 types of joints in the bones help you move your body parts.

Does the bone help man to move different parts of the body?


Cells help to repair damaged parts of your body?

yes they do :)