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Anil Chatterjee is considered as one of the best actors to have emerged in the Bengali cinema during the early fifties. Mostly remembered as a character artiste par excellence, he also gave strong performances in leading roles within the limited opportunities he got. Anil Chatterjee was born on 25th October 1929. After completing his school studies in Delhi, he came to Kolkata and got admitted in the famous St. Xavier's College where he came in touch with Utpal Dutt, an alumnus of the institution. Soon he joined Dutt's theatre troupe and performed in some Shakespearean dramas produced and directed by Dutt. These early forays into stage would leave a deep impression on Anil and his screen presence had a theatrical quality that was brilliantly exploited in many films which are now considered as classics.

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Q: Which bengali actor played the central character in the TV serial naqab which was shown in doordarshan in the late 1980's or 1990's?
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