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good nutrition, exercise, rest, and regular doctor visits

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Q: Which behaviors help an HIV-positive person remain healthier longer?
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Why should you reduce body fat?

So You can be a healthier, happier person and have a longer life and less risk of disease

Why do people who play sports do better in life?

People who play sports stay healthier then the average person. studies indicate healthy people will most likely live longer

What behaviors does a health person do daily?


Why is it a person need a daily execrise?

so they are healthier

Why is it important to select healthy food alternatives?

There are many impacts of choosing healthier food. A person will feel healthier, be healthier, and have a better chance of fighting disease and illness.

How can a burger affect your health?

The relation between a certain food and a certain person is peculiar. A burger is not a healthy food because it is fatty. Avoiding fatty foods will help you to live longer and healthier.

Why would a retired person do physical exercise?

To keep active, stay in shape, and live longer and healthier. The body is a machine and it will atrophy if it has nothing to do. Retired people should slow down perhaps, but not stop.

What changes could make a person healthier?

If a person want to became healthier then it should take tention free to all kind of work. don't care to any but it is very difficult work.

Are gay people healthier?

the health of a person has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

What is a short term goal to improve a person's health be?

eat healthier

Sence of humor important?

A sense of humour is important on many levels. It encourages socialization, which in turn benefits a person on many levels. A person who socializes established many relationships and has many friends. These friends in turn can help a person in times of trouble and sorrow. These friends can also help in a financial way in times of trouble. Other benefits of having a sense of humour include better relationships with family, less stress which contributes to a healthier and longer life and lastly humour benefits a person to be happier and thus live a healthier life. Research shows that people who have a sense of humour and laugh and take things more lightly are less prone to stress and so they live a longer and healthier life. The human body is demeaned by stress and strengthen by laughter. A person with a sense of humour can keep on laughing long after others can't.

Does an understanding of this distinction help account for why persons who know certain habits or behaviors are harmful still persist in those behaviors?

An understanding of a particular distinction can help a person learn about why habits or behaviors are still harmful in a specifc personality. This is generally referred to as studying a person.