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In today's unsettled environment, you can turn to many auto loan companies for help in financing your next vehicle purchase. Several leaders in the industry are Auto Credit Express, Road Loans and Rouen Used Cars.

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Q: Which auto loan companies give people with bad credit a second chance?
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Which companies offer second chance credit cards?

Some companies that offer second chance credit cards are: Capital One, First Progress and USAA. According to the Credit Card Forum online these credit cards are the top 3 recommended.

What exactly is meant by second chance banking?

Second chance banking is a service designed for people who were denied a credit account. Typically people with bad or lower credit opt for this option.

Would you access a Second Chance Checking Account the same way you access a normal bank account?

You would access a second chance checking account basically the same way a normal bank account but its not normal most of the money handling for a second chance checking account is done online and people who use second chance checking accounts don't have very great credit

What banks in Cincinnati got second chance checking accounts?

Cincinnati Central Credit Union There are many banks that offer promotions for checking accounts for people with negative markings on their chexsystems report. A free consumer organization called "Bad Credit MD" has a pretty large list of them at

Can you get a loan with bad credit because of bankruptcy?

Yes, you can still get a loan even if you have bad credit from a bankruptcy. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Where is a second chance checking account in California?

US Bank, sweethearts too! has a list of verified banks and credit unions offering second chance checking accounts in California.

Does it hurt your credit to take out a second mortgage?

Taking out a second mortgage can affect your credit score, but it depends on how much of your available credit you are using. Like with a credit card, people who are closer to their borrowing limit are less favorable to banks than people with a lot of credit available.

Is there a list of companies that hire felons?

You can find companies who are willing to hire reformed criminals at Good luck with your second chance!

How can iget a2nd chance aptment?

A person can get a second chance apartment by applying through the landlord. A person will often have to submit references and they may be subject to a credit check.

How do second chance apartment rentals work?

There is a very large amount of properties that take varying degrees of credit and rental problems. I am an apartment locator and I have been helping clients find second chance apartments for years.

What bank in Ohio will allow you to open a second chance checking account?

Buckeye State Credit Union and Woodforest Bank

Story line of second chance?

There are many different story lines that can happen as a result of a second chance. Some people live healthier lives.