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Q: Which are taller foxgloves or bluebells?
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Name the leaves of plants which have several colors?

pine trees, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, rhododendrons, cotoneasters, laurel bushes, fly agarics, hemp, wheat, bluebells, foxgloves, bulrushes, reed canary grass, bamboo and 3 others which you can find out for yourself

What drug do you get from foxgloves?


What eats foxgloves?


Are bluebells edible?

Bluebells have a sort of a sour taste, but they are edible

When was A Sheaf of Bluebells created?

A Sheaf of Bluebells was created in 1917.

Bluebells dont flower in winter?

Bluebells bloom in the spring.

Where can one purchase Foxgloves brand garden gloves?

There are numerous retailers that sell Foxgloves brand garden gloves. eBay, Amazon and Lowe's are three main places where one can purchase Foxgloves brand garden gloves.

How many pages does A Sheaf of Bluebells have?

A Sheaf of Bluebells has 348 pages.

When was Sisters - The Bluebells album - created?

Sisters - The Bluebells album - was created in 1984.

Do bluebells have leaves on them?

Yes Bluebells have leaves on them. See photos on the link below.

Where can one buy Foxgloves gardening gloves online?

One can buy Foxgloves gardening gloves from various sites online. Some of those websites are Amazon, Foxgloves Inc, Burpee, Muck Boots Online and Pernell Gerver to name a few.

Why are bluebells called bluebells when they are infact purple?

i don't know why they are called bluebells.also what in the hisorys of world is this