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Ancient Egypt

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Q: Which ancient civilization is depicted in the above map?
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What ancient civilization is nearest W on the map?


Why didn't Ptoemy's map include the ancient Olmec civilization of Mexico?

At that time they didn't know about it. No one knew about North America at all.

Where is the Roman Empire on the Ancient Rome map?

Sure thing. I've added a link to the bottom of this answer that provides a decent map of what used to be the Roman EmpireThis map represents the boundaries that were present under the leadership of Hadrian in about 116 ADBear in mind that Roman boundaries and influence expanded and contracted throughout its history, and that at different times the map of the Roman Empire appeared very differently than the one shown here.

Where is the Tuscan Plain in an Ancient Rome map?

on a map

Where is ancient Egypt on the Bearville map on Bearville?

it is not in the map

Which letter identifies the location of the Aztec civilization on the map?


Which could be a form of bias in the map?

When cities are shown in yellow and countryside shown in green When fishing industry is shown with an icon depicting a dead fish When west is depicted as being toward the top of the map When average incomes are given as a single number for an entire state

What is a map symbol for a n ational capital?

It is usually depicted by a star with a circle around it.

Did ancient egyptians ever use electric lights?

Although Ancient civilizations, like the Sumerians, were able to map our solar system with unbelievable precision, no evidence has been found to support the idea that any ancient civilization, including the Egyptians, used electricity on a large scale, if at all.

What is a relief on a topography map?

On a topographic map, relief is the representation of the shapes of hills, valleys, streams, and other terrain surfaces as depicted by the mapmaker.

Where can you see Sparta in Ancient Greek map?

go to google images and search ancient greek spartan map

Where is Indus Valley civilization located in a world map?