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Young people, because they do not drink enough water and are always running around playing.

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Q: Which age group is more susceptible to dehydration?
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What age group does your disease affect?

There are different diseases that are more common in certain age groups, but anyone can be susceptible to any of them. The study of diseases in relation to age is called gerontology.

Which group is least susceptible to iron-deficiency anemia?

Men 20-45 years of age

What age group is vulnerable to louse infestation?

All humans are equally susceptible to louse infestation.

In which age group is typhoid fever most common?

In most third world countries, children are the most affected those above five years of age, adolescents and young adults.

Should kids have phones at the age of 9?

Personally - I think no. At that age they have no concept of the cost of using a mobile. Additionally, they are more susceptible to being bullied or mugged for their phone.

At what age are children most susceptible to illness?


Which age group listens to classical music?

Really any age group does, but it is more typical to older people.

What age group gets Cyclic vomiting syndrome?

Children in the pre-school or early school years are most susceptible to CVS, although it can appear anywhere from infancy to adulthood

What age is most susceptible to trying marijuana?


Why are the elderly more susceptible to becoming dehydrated?

Elderly individuals have a decreased sense of thirst and reduced kidney function, which can make it harder for them to stay properly hydrated. Additionally, age-related changes in their bodies can make it more challenging for them to retain water. Medications commonly taken by older adults can also contribute to dehydration by increasing fluid loss.

Which state has more people in your age group-your state or this state?


What age is it most common to get heat exhaustion?

It can happen at any age. The most significant contributing factor is dehydration.