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Paul McGann.

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Q: Which actor played the 8th doctor in a one off tv series made by America in 1996?
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Who is Christopher Eccleston?

An English actor. Among other things, he played the Ninth Doctor in the popular series "Doctor Who".

What actor played 'the 3rd doctor' in the BBC series?

Jon Pertwee, from 1970 - 1974.

Who was the actor who played Amy Pond in this series of doctor who?

Karen Gillan i love her hair it is class

Who is the new actor playing in the role of the doctor on the bbc series 'doctor who '?

the new actor playing the role of "the doctor" on the series "dr.who" is Matt smith....

How many Doctors in the series Doctor Who?

As of 2017, there have been 12 doctors playing the role of Doctor Who starting with William Hartnell as the first doctor and Peter Capaldi as the twelfth doctor.As always with the Doctor Who series, there are always exceptions to the rule, and there is also an actor who played the Doctor before he was called the Doctor in a special 50th anniversary episode called "The Day of the Doctor" played by actor John Hurt.

Who is the boy that says why not grow in Bank of America commercial?

Daniel Smorgan was the actor in the Grow series of commercials for Bank of America, while Sam Schwarz was the voice actor for Daniel in the series.

Who was a black actor who played a doctor on the Cosby show?

Bill Cosby was the doctor.

Who was the oldest actor who played Doctor Who?

William Hartnell aka the 1st Doctor

Who is Jon Pertwee?

An actor who played the third Doctor Who.

Who is the actor who played tealc in star gate sg1?

The character was played by actor Christopher Judge throughout the series.

Which actor remained The Doctor on Doctor Who the longest?

It was Tom Baker; he played the Doctor for seven years.

Who will be the next Doctor Who for 2010?

The new Doctor who will be Played by the young actor Matt Smith.He will be the eleventh Doctor.