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Just about all auto insurance companies offer a student discount for those under 25, single, and enrolled in either college or high school with a specific grade point average. In the state of Kentucky, State Farm, AllState, 21st Century and Esurrance all offer student discounts.

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Q: Which KY car insurance companies offer student discounts?
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Are there any auto insurance companies that offer discounts for a teen with good grades?

State Farm, Allied, Esurance, and Allstate all offer good student discounts for teens.

Does Pennsylvania offer car insurance discounts for the student driver with good grades?

Most insurance companies offer a good student discount. Many companies will not offer the information. Make sure you ask about this discount to see if you fit their criteria. Companies have different ages and GPA requirements.

Which companies offer discounts on auto insurance?

Most all auto insurance companies offer discounts of one type or another on car insurance, A couple of the companies that do include Geico, Insurance Plus, Nationwide, and Allstate.

What companies offer senior discounts for travel insurance?

There are many companies which offer seniors discounts for travel insurance. You can obtain quotes online by visiting such websites as

Does AAA auto insurance offer discounts for high school and college students?

Several companies, including AAA, offer discounts for high school and college student. If you achieve a B average or better, they will give you a "good student discount."

Can you get car insurance discounts for multi car families?

Yes, All auto insurance companies offer multi car discounts. Geico, Progressive, Insurance Plus and Esurance are amongst the companies who offer significant multi car discounts.

Which companies offer good driver car insurance?

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to good drivers who have few or none traffic violations and accidents. Many car insurance companies also offer multiple policy discounts as well.

Do grades affect teen driver car insurance rates?

Car insurance policies are offered by insurance companies and not by the state. Different insurance companies have different policies and may offer different types of discounts. Many insurance companies offer good driver discounts as well as multiple policy discounts.

Which insurance companies give student driver car insurance discounts?

Most of the larger insurance agencies offer discounts for teens with good grades. Check out AAA, State Farm, Allstate or Mercury - many of which you can request a quote online.

What UK companies offer a discount on health insurance?

In the UK, several companies offer discounts on health insurance. AXA PPP Healthcare, Quotezone, Staysure, Saga, Bupa, and PurHealth all offer discounts.

Can good students get discounts on auto insurance?

Allstate does offer good student discounts. You can visit them at

Which insurance companies offer discounts for military members?

Many insurance companies offer discounts for military members and veterans. The amount of discount will vary between companies. Contacting your relevant military headquarters administration would be recommended.