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Border is not included in a map

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Q: Which BOLTSS features are not included in the map?
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What to include in a geographical map?

BOLTSS * border * orientation-n,s,e,w * legend * tiltles * scale * source

What does BOLTSS stand for?

BOLTSS is the name given to essential parts of a map that are often not included in or on the map.B: Border - To show the edges of the map. The limits of the area covered by the map. There is usually (but not always) an overlap of the borders of adjoining maps of the same series.O: Orientation - To show which way is north, usually directed with a compass An indication of north, usually by an arrow pointing to the top of the map. If there is no arrow the top of the map is assumed to be north. Also can mean aligning the map to features on the ground (north south east west).L: Legend (Or Key) - To explain the symbols used on the map. Symbols on the map that represent natural or artificial features on the ground. (Also known as a key)T: Title - To tell the reader what the map is for or what place is drawn on it. The name of the map identifying the geographic area that it covers.S: Scale - To give the reader an idea of the distances shown on the map. A linear and/or ratio indicating distance on the map to distance on the ground.(There are 3 types of ways you can represent scale on a map. The 1st way is by words, the 2nd way is by ratio and the last way is linear.S: Source - To provide the source of the information on which the map has been based.

Why is BOLTSS so important?

BOLTSS is important because it reminds you of the six things vital in a good map.BorderOrientationLegendTitleScaleSourceSee the related questions for more information.

What does BOLTSSNA mean?

Border Orientation (North Point on a Compass) Legend Title Scale Source Neatness Accuracy

What map shows physical features?

A physical map is a map that shows physical features such as mountains and rivers

Marks on a map that stand for real places or real features on a map?

marks on a map that stand for real places or real features on a map

What is the purpose of a map key or a legend?

The map key or legend helps map readers understand the relative distances, features, and sites printed on the map.When you open a map, you can usually find the legend near a corner. The legend identifies the symbols used on the map, the distance bars and the caveats that the map makers included in the map.

Which type of map shows landscape features?

A topographical map, or "topo" map, shows landscape features such as ground elevations and waterways.dhdjdjjj

What are the features of a map?

The features of a map include direction , scale , colour , symbol , and key or legend

What map features of a map will you find a absolute locations?

The features on a map help you find absolute location by finding the absolute lOcation

What is a map that shows the features on earth that people have created?

A map that shows human made features is sometimes a road map and can be shown on a political map too.

What types of maps show land and water features?

a map that shows land features and water features is called a physical map