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Q: Where would covered perils be found in an insurance policy?
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What term policy are often found in a mortgage insurance?

Typical term policies in mortgage insurance include terms on the homeowners out of pocket deductible before a claim can be paid out by an insurance company. Also it will often list what is covered and what is not. Flood insurance is not typically covered and costs extra.

Is the surgery to fix stretched ears covered by insurances?

No, not usually. It is considered cosmetic. But it does depend on your insurance provider. Call the customer service number usually found on the back of your insurance card and tell them what you want to get done, and they will tell you what is covered under your policy.

Are renters covered under home owners insurance I own a home and rent it out the tenant slipped and fell on the hardwood stairs is his medical and hospital bills covered under my home owners policy?

No, your renters medical bills are covered under their own major medical policy. Should your tenant sue you and you have the appropriate Landlords Dwelling Policy coverage with liability, your insurance company would cover the cost to defend you in court as well as any judgment rendered up to your policy limits should you be found liable for the tenants injuries. If you have only a homeowners insurance policy and failed to endorse your property insurance coverage for tenant occupancy then your home insurance is null and void and will not provide coverage for you at all.

Why is your boyfriend's car insurance company asking for a copy of your own car insurance declaration's page and drivers' license number and date of birth and name?

Because they have found that you both are at the same address and your boyfriend has not scheduled you as a covered driver on his insurance policy. All auto insurance contracts require disclosure of other household members and that the insured declare these other household members as covered or not.

Your husband died last month and you found an insurance policy on him dated Dec 11931 when he was 1 year old is this policy in force?

It might be and most likely is. You found the policy, contact the claims department of the carrying insurance company.

Old policy found is there any value?

That depends upon the type of policy it is. Term insurance has no value once the term expires. Whole life insurance has value, and can be cashed in. Read the terms of the policy. Given that the policy in question was found, and therefore was probably forgotten before it was found, I doubt that is has value - but check and see.

Are shingles available to install do insurance companies cover homes with shingles?

Certainly, there are several local companies who are retailers for shingle roofing purchases. Although, today there are more green materials to cover your existing roof; shingles are still covered under your home owners insurance if found to be damaged by wind, hail, or fire under a covered policy.

Does Medicare cover hospital costs in an auto accident?

Yes, If there is no other insurance company or policy liable. For example if there is another policy liable, Medicare will share in the cost after the auto policy has paid its responsibility. We have seen cases where Medicare has paid claims and ultimately requested reimbursement from the individual because they later found another auto policy that covered the accident.

How does one cash in policy on The Life Insurance Company of Virginia?

You contact your agent or the companies claims department and tell them you wish to cash in the policy.

Is the home life insurance company of America still in business?

I found an old insurance policy with this company. The insured is Judith A Kneeshaw which is me. Policy # L 5006603. Is it still in effect. Thank you, Judy

What if your brother died and I found a life insurance policy issued in 1937?

Contact the company which issued the policy. A life insurance policy is generally only valid if the premiums are maintained. You'd need to know if your brother kept up the payments.

Old line legal reserve life insurance company Texas predential Galveston?

Mu uncle found an old live insurance policy and was wondering if it was worth anything/ Policy number is 272892