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Just call 2-3 agents and get quotes. Pricing is one thing, paying claims and service is also what you are paying for. If cheap was better the Yugo would still be available.

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Q: Where to look for a general pricing guideline so you will know if you are getting a good quote on insurance?
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What diseases can keep you from getting life a insurance policies?

Send in an application and see. You might get the policy at standard pricing or maybe a surcharge.

Where can one get quotes for Permanent General car insurance?

One can get quotes from any insurance company that provides car insurance. By going to many different insurance companies, one can compare pricing and plans and make sure he/she gets the best deal.

Identify the General Influences on Pricing in Practice and discuss them in detail?

Identify the general influences on pricing in practice

What are the Factors involve in pricing general and special attendance on sub contractor in tendering and estimating?

Discuss factors in pricing general and special attendance on subcontractors?

Which insurance sites have motorcycle comparison pricing calculators?

Many insurance sites have motorcycle comparison pricing calculators. Sites like All State, Progressice and Geico all have motorcycle comparison pricing calculators.

Where would one find pricing regarding contents insurance?

You can find pricing for contents insurance on Direct Line, Interest, Insurance Sign, Contents Coverage and other websites. Contents insurance covers items in a business or a home.

Does Allstate Insurance compete in pricing?

No, AllState car insurance does not offer competive pricing. They offer insurance at rates that may be a discount for some and not for others. To find out more, you will need to obtain a quote and compare it to other insurance companies.

Where can one get an insurance quote with alternative comparisons?

Progressive Insurance offers comparison pricing of their competitors. There are also other companies who offer pricing comparisons of insurance quotes. Some of them are Insure, FindTheBest, CarInsurance, Auto Insurance Finders.

Where can you find information about travel medical insurance?

If you contact any insurance company they will be able to provide information for you including pricing and coverage. If you are traveling internationally, especially as a student, you may want to consider looking into getting an ISICard.

Where is the best place to find health insurance for competitive pricing?

A lot of insurance companies will offer you competitive pricing. My insurance broker will draw up a list of places so that I can price each one against each other!

Where can find pricing information for car hire insurance from Atlas Direct Insurance?

One can find pricing information for car hire insurance from Atlas Direct Insurance on the very website of Atlas Direct. Atlas Direct claims that its customers would pay 60% less.

What has the author Neil A Doherty written?

Neil A. Doherty has written: 'Moral hazard in reinsurance markets' -- subject(s): Reinsurance, Risk (Insurance) 'Nonlinear corporate taxes and asset pricing' 'Insurance pricing and loss prevention' -- subject(s): Insurance, Rates