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You can't "find" them, You have to buy them from Twilly in Battleon for 200 AC (Adventure coins)

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Q: Where to find magic treasure chest key on adventure quest?
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How do you open the magic chest in adventure quest?

press enter on it or space

Where do you find a treasure chest in adventure quest worlds?

Just kill monsters on aqworlds

What are the crossroads in adventure quest?

The Crossroads are the place where you battle 2-16 monsters depending on your level and you might get a rare treasure chest or a different treasure chest containing gold.

Where to get rare treasure chest in adventure quest?

According to aq wiki it is dropped by any monster in the entire game

Where do you get the sanctified sword?

You get it from twilly from battleon in the treasure chest quest. 200 ac's are needed for magic keys (just for 1).

How do you complete quest 23 in Dragon Quest IX?

You must have completed quest 8. The same man from quest 8. Check the treasure chest in the center of the treasure room again to get a piece of paper, give it to the client and he'll ask you for 3 Magic waters.

Where is the chest on adventure quest?


How do you get water talismans fast on runescape?

it is in the treasure chest. the treasure chest is at the end of the pirates treasure quest. or you can buy one from the grand exchange

What happens after you raid the beehive in Adventure Quest?

If my memory's right you get a treasure chest that has a light weapon that you can buy it also contains a few other items i believe

Adventure quest worlds what items does the crusader drop?

The crusader drop the crusader helm (member-only), the crusader sword (member-only), the crusader cloak and a treasure chest.

How do you get free magic keys in adventure quest worlds?

When you become a member, each month that you are a member, goto the Twilly in Battleon , click on "treasure chest?" button, then click the "FREE Magic Keys" button and a member only quest will pop up. Accept the quests, and turn it in. There are no quest items needed for the quest, so once you accept it, you can turn it in right away. 2 Free Magic Keys will drop. The keys are non member and acs, so you can store them in the bank unless you need them or until next month. The keys do stack.

Is it true that a rare chest is in the crossroads to somewhere in adventure quest?

No, there is not a chest in "Crossroads".-King 1658