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at valencia

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Q: Where to enter card clasher code at?
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What is he code of card clasher class inaqw?

You MUST BUY AQWorlds BattleOn Card Game to get Card Clasher. There is a code (this code is different from every other code, therefor, can only be used once) that comes with the game. Use that code to get Card Clasher class in AQWorlds

Can you give me card clasher code?

P66CJ4KFXP i hopw it helped

What is the code for gift certificate in aqworlds?

speacial item : card clasher code : ADFS-FFGHF-4564-5647

What is the code for card clasher?

the code is (aqw-8690-42680-853674) but this code has ben used by me so u cant use it sorry. :(

What are the card clasher code in aq worlds?

There is no single, definitive code. Codes for the class are included in packages of the card game, each containing a single, unique, one use code.

What are code to the card clasher in aq worlds?

Zk24Anc83kn3 = card claher code Z259A138219K = upgrade card +ur welcome+ Actually, codes are only useable once, so codes will vary.

What is a code for card clasher in aqworlds?

To get the code you have to buy the AQW Battleon Battle Cards. Every person gets a different code and that code can only be used once.

Can someone give a card clasher code to me from AQW?

sorry, if its been used after that it becomes invalid. I tried it myself!

Can someone give you a card clasher code?

As a gift someone could, but you cannot use one that's been used.

How do you enter a 39 clues card code?

You have to make your own account on the 39 clues website, then look for the code on the card, click add card, and enter the code.

What is the code for card clasher class in aqworlds?

6342-2342-4234 oo and if you do this you will get a level up faster thiny k oo crackheads

Where do you put the code for card clasher class in aqworlds?

You must go to and sign in. Click on Redeem Codes in the tab underneath your details and type in the code in the block next to Prize Code.