Where to buy phosphoric acid?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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dear u can buy it from the store from where we can buy sprays and other fertilizers used in farms it is easily available over there ....

good luck guys....

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Q: Where to buy phosphoric acid?
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What is the reaction of phosphoric acid with nitric acid?

phosphoric acid

Is poly phosphoric acid different from phosphoric acid?

I don't think so.poly phosphoric acid and phosphoric acid have same moleculer structure.

What is H3PO4?

H3PO4 is the formula for phosphoric acid, also called orthophosphoric acid. For details see:

What is the formula for H3PO4?

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is a strong acid?

Phosphoric acid 85% is the highest purity of this type of acid available in the market. Which is most used in food grade. Phosphoric acid is in the classification of weak acids.

Is phosphoric acid stronger then citric acid?

i think it is phosphoric is stronger but I'm not sure?

Where can you get Phosphoric Acid?

You can buy some at lows, home depot, or ace hardware.

What is the difference between ortho-phosphoric acid and phosphoric acid?

They are the same Chemical Formula. Basically the same Acid with two different names.

What is the chemical name for H3PO3 aq?

Bromic Acid Whoever wrote the above is a terrible idiot.... H3PO3 CANNOT be bromic acid as it contains no Bromine (Br on the periodic table) It's common name would be Phosphorous acid If it were H3PO4 it would be Phosphoric acid

Where is phosphoric acid came from?

Don't you mean "Where did Phosphoric Acid come from?"

What is the relative atomic mass of phosphoric acid?

what is the amu of phosphoric acid

What is the salt called from phosphoric acid?

Generically, salts from phosphoric acid are "phosphates".