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high above the support base

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Q: Where should your center of gravity be in relationship to your base of support when lifting an object?
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What is the relationship between center of gravity and support base for an object in stable equilibrium?

Marouane Chamakh

What is the relationship between the center of mass and gravity?

The more mass the greater the gravity. Mass equals gravity.

Relationship between location of the center of the gravity and stability?

The relationship between the Location of the centre of gravity and stability is that the higher the centre of gravity then the lower the stability.

Do the front wheels on a forklift support the center of gravity?

Yes they do.

If an object is to stand firm and not tip over what must be its centre of gravity?

The center of gravity must be over the base of support. Any sideways motion of the center of gravity must result in it being raised.

How does gravity affect the relationship between the sun and the planets?

They are in orbit around their common center of mass. Gravity and centrifugal force are in balance.

What is 'center of gravity'?

Center of Gravity

What is the relationship between axis of rotation and center of gravity?

The greater the distance from the axis of rotation (i.e., pivot point) to the center of gravity of an object, the greater the torque required to rotate the object.

Two individuals are lifting two hundred pounds how much weight is each individual lifting?

Assuming that each person is lifting equally the answer is 100 lbs each. The total weight 200, divided by 2. In reality it would depend on the center of gravity for the box, and also how evenly the weight of the box is distributed, plus also the height of the two lifters and the positions of their hands relative to the box's center of gravity.

What is the role of centre of gravity in deciding the stability of an object?

The center of gravity is the average location of weight of an object, meaning that a ball, for instance, will have a center of gravity in the cent of the ball. A persons center of gravity is generally around the hip area, you can test this by leaning to one side, when you begin to tip naturally that's because your center of gravity is leaning too far out over your support, or legs.

Where is the center of gravity of a ring?

The center of gravity of a ring is at the center of the ring.

Why is there increased risk of damaging your back when the load you are lifting is away from your centre of gravity?

This is because you are poorly balanced when the load is away from your center of gravity. The poor balance leads to you pulling muscles and damaging your back.

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